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The objective.

On several occasions, I was  told by my friends and family, since you are so good at giving advise to many, on  ” How to deal with office pressures,  work culture and Office politics”  why don’t you think of writing about it ?  My daughter Moushumi said that, I should seriously take up writing for all those who feel constantly harassed and frustrated on the job. I seriously thought then, Yes, it is a fact, many straight forward people, specially youngsters who enter into business world first time can not deal with aggressive attitudes, arrogant bosses, sly colleagues, office politics and pressures on the job. Especially, the women and new entrants on the job. I thought, I should seriously take up this cause and consider mentoring in this area where no school or college is providing training course.

2009, I created a Blog and named it...“Officially Speaking” 

The objective of this Blog was to do exactly the same, to help inexperienced  young minds to show the way how to deal with this bullish world.  if  it helps all those youngsters,  men and women to improve upon their skills, attitudes, perceptions on the job,  why not? So I started writing articles on this Blog and I got encouraging response from many youngsters to write more and more on the subject. My articles served as effective mentoring for many feeling frustrated on the job and could change their professional and personal lives. I also started getting several requests to start training School as an extension of Officially Speaking platform.

Today, after two years of long wait, I launched SMS... The Specialized Mentoring Workshop.

Now very clearly, the idea of launching such a platform is to train young, inexperienced minds. SMS Web presence is all about my corporate experience, about  bad office cultures, office politics and much more beyond that.  This is in no way an advise or 2 + 2  is = to 4 formula.  On this platform, me and many experienced who have gone through bad experiences in our personal and professional lives will share their experiences. While doing it, we will  suggest under certain circumstances, what could be the best solution that one can follow to improve personal situation.

SMS team can help you to learn in the areas of personal interactive skills on the job. Dos and Don’t while working in the office. Upgrade your communication skills to smartly convey right message at the right time.  Will train you to say NO, firmly and candidly when YOU don’t want to say yes. And finally, show you,  how you must enjoy every moment on the job without feeling frustrated and helpless.  Because, life has to go on. And go on happily. Our job is to train your mindset to create that happiness in your life,

without any compromises with your pride, self respect and human dignity.

So…register yourself on SMS today for online Mentoring, Counseling  and guidance.  Don't allow anyone to push you around, anyone to mess around with your life. Because, it is your life. You control it and you decide how you want to live it with others in this world. Be it a boss, friend or your partner in life.

Partners in your personal success.

Ajay Angre
Your Mentor and Perspective Consultant

Author, Writer, Publisher