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My First E-Book: Change your Mind Set

This was my first E-book I published  six months back and got extremely encouraging
response from all my friends, members of the creative community and writers.

The theme of this book surfaced from my personal and professional  experiences in life and
my observations about the human behavior, our social and personal interactions, personal thinking, and our own perspectives, beliefs that makes all of us reflect and react the way we
do with every situation in life. I firmly believe, we need to change our Mind Sets if we wish to succeed in personal and professional life.

For success in personal or professional life, you require a different approach, different thinking and different attitude. And for that you must change your traditional or fixed Mind Set that
is the root cause of all our troubles, unhappiness and failures in personal or professional life.

Change your Mindset with New Thinking, New attitude, New Approach
because success and happiness demands change in your Mindset.

This is my second E-Book written in two parts.

1st Part : My Office Sucks! 

These two E Books are written for young professionals who most of the time find business world at entry level very harsh, manipulative and difficult to deal with. This builds up lot
of pressures for them on the new job in the professional world and it's spill over effect is
seen in their personal life as well.  Their frustrations, depressions and irritations have adverse effects on their minds and personal health.

This E-Book I have written for those who need to understand life in proper perspective be it personal or professional, I want to assure young people that this world is not all that bad and uncivilized. If you learn to deal with it with right approach and attitude, you will start enjoying
life with far greater understanding. You only need to change your approach, your attitude and
mindset for professional success. Because Success begins with you. It requires a different approach and Your Success story  even belongs to others. Read How to in this book.

This is my third E-Book

2 nd Part.
Want to be a Winner in professional life? Take a Winning Attitude.

This third E-Book talks about the WINNING FORMULA that everyone needs to master
if professional success is your final goal and you can not think of anything other than success
If you are ambitious and want to prove your metal. Of course, I do not approve of people who are in the fast track, in a rush to move forward in life. Personal or professional. Because when you take a fast track, you may also follow unfair practices and push others from your way to be the number one in the race and you may compromise with  your values, ethics and principles at times. And this approach do not take you too far. Only merits work to make you the Winner
are personal merits, your professional strengths and your honesty and professional integrity.

This book talks about the character and personality you develop and how you develop it. The book talks about how to do your packaging, positioning and how to create your image in the
professional and personal world
which helps you to succeed in your professional life
Read it with passion to develop your personality traits for success.