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I am from Creative, Marketing and Advertising specialization with  over 30 years of professional exposure from national and international markets. I have graduated from Sir J.J.School of Applied Art from Mumbai, India, one of the leading Art colleges in the Asian region. After the graduation, life takes you through the learning curve and your wealth of knowledge transforms your competence into expertise. I wish to share my experiences with everyone who wants to see success in life and our School, Success Management will show you how to achieve that success in life, be it personal or professional.

My expertise is in the area of finding solutions to promote business ideas to next level with the most simple yet most effective and economically viable solutions. That is professional competence.

I am having specialization in Business Management, Marketing Management and Sales Promotional ideas specially designed to trigger sales, meet competitions, perform PR activity, or launch new products.

But I am expert in human resource management and  have worked in close association with many organizations in India and abroad.I have successfully turned around dismal situations of companies in terms of human resource efficiency and profitability. I have played a vital and constructive role of an efficient professional in adding value to companies in terms of new ideas, new ventures, new outlook, new dynamics and of course, it all added to profits, improved bottom line many folds.

In this long journey, I observed, the work cultures and working styles of many managers  and managements from Asian sub-continent. In most cases, the style of working I personally found unprofessional. The attitude of passing the buck to juniors and not owning the responsibility as a professional manager is a very common feature I found. In the bargain, I have seen, entry level juniors suffering mentally, emotionally and feel frustrated for no fault of theirs and find themselves at the receiving end.

SMS  The Simple Management Solutions is launched with the objective to help
"Mentor" the entry level youngsters on how to deal with people successfully in personal as well as professional career and WIN over others.
Presently, working as a Business Management Consultant, Relationship Counselor, as a Mentor and founder of SMS, the ONLINE Workshop.  I have taken up this mission to "CHANGE" the traditional  Mindsets of our society with new thinking that meets the challenges of 21st century.

I am also an author, writer and publisher. I have written and published three E- Books on this subject. From this platform, our team plans to arrange Seminars and ONLINE Workshops to deliver lectures on how to be a Winner in personal as well as professional life to hit the road of success.

It is our mission to Change the old mindset with new thinking, new perspective to make life more meaningful for all. For young as well the old, by re-discovering new values of life. Re-inventing new perspectives for creating healthy working relationships at the work and at home.

I am a lifetime learner and in my personal and professional life I have worked with people from all over the world since half of my life I have lived out of India. Today, I wish to share my experience not to make fast money but to change lives of people for better.

We want to teach people in distress how you can deal with life when life is tough.  How you can win the hearts of people to make working relationships meaningful for you and others so that the purpose of living is accomplished and successful life is achieved.

And to do this, there are like minded, dedicated professionals from specialized areas who have teamed up with me with the same mission, and same passion to guide the misguided, to enlighten the innocent, to empower the ignorant to become the winner in personal and professional life by just changing the "Mind Set",with new perspective, new vision and new thinking.

We are a group of professionals committed to this cause and will go as far as our conscience will guide us in our mission.

Check my credentials here to know more about me. 
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